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Successful Women and Woman Development need Woman Wisdom, Strength and Beauty

A private woman personal development and managed short and long term high return financial investments company established in 2016, Siu Classics Organization is the brainchild of a small group of independent Asian American, Latin American, North American and Caribbean American women.




Luisa I. Siu – Owner / Entrepreneur, Woman Personal Development, Business Development and Securities Services Professional. Part time Women’s Jewelry Designer

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Siu Classics women are professional experts in art and music, home and business management, finance and investing, asset and retirement planning, manufacturing and business, food and beverage, events and event planning, culinary arts and hospitality, world travel and tours and personal and professional development. A wealth of wisdom, strength and beauty; combined, over 200 years experience.




Siu Short Term Higher Return Investment Fund

US $5.07
2019 Q4 Est. Yield +0.48



Our Private
Women’s Siu Jewelry Design Collection

Limited lifetime Warranty on all our products.



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We are licensed and registered to conduct business throughout the Caribbean and CARICOM, Trinidad and Tobago (TTO), Latin America (LATAM) and the United States of America (USA) including MD, SC, CT, NY, AZ, SD, FL, IA, GA, CA, DC, WI, ME, MI, VT, IL, CO, WV, OH, VA, LA, WA, NJ, RI, OR, MN, NV, KY, IN, NC, HI, PA, TX, NH, MO, MT.


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